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May Brenner, Sydney Brenner, woman and man [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] May 2002, old Jafa[?]; Sydney Brenner, May Brenner and woman standing alongside body of water on rocks; May Brenner seated a table in front of a large window, reading… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0060/SB_08_03_0060_001.jpg
Balcony-view of the Nobel Banquet; [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Nobel Banquet; May Brenner at Nobel Banquet. [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] "Education minister, May, Japanese (Chemistry) Laureate; Queen Silvia, May Brenner, King Carl… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0024/SB_08_03_0024_001.jpg
Sydney Brenner, daughter-in-law, May Brenner, Carla Brenner, and Paul [handwritten on verso of photograph:] 8.8.86 Bride with her 'in-laws' 1/2 of Carla and Paul behind; Sydney Brenner with grandchild [handwritten on verso of photograph:] Sydney and… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0005/SB_08_03_0005_001.jpg
May Brenner with Jonathan, Stefan, Belinda and Carla. [Handwritten description on verso by May Brenner:] May and the children. The drive in front of 7 Long Road. Cambridge. July 1962. We were just setting off for our holiday and probably felt as… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0002/SB_08_03_0002_001.jpg
May Brenner; Sydney Brenner Oxford; Sydney Brenner Oxford; Sydney Brenner; Sydney Brenner; May Brenner. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_02_0001/SB_08_02_0001_001.jpg
Sydney Brenner receiving his Nobel Prize from His Majesty the King at the Stockholm Concert Hall; The Nobel Laureates assembled at the Stockholm Concert Hall (front row). Sydney Brenner is sixth from right; May Brenner (wife of Sydney Brenner) at The…
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