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The Others subseries (SB/2/3) consists of papers written by authors other than Sydney Brenner, and date from around 1950 to 2003. It is arranged alphabetically by author (the first author is typically used, an exception are papers which Brenner had filed under another author's name). Papers whose authorship is unknown are filed by title. The papers are often preprints or typescripts that were sent to Brenner or Crick for review before publication. Some papers of note include: "Experimental Approaches to the Problem of Biogenesis" by Leslie Orgel, a MRC research proposal from around 1963; Cambridge Lecture Notes by Jaques Monod from around 1970; an upublished paper by Crick and Orgel ("On Loopy Codes"); and "The Genetic Code" by Carl Woese (circa 1963), which includes notes by Francis Crick. Some of the papers found in these files appear to have belonged to Francis Crick, who shared an office with Brenner at the Medical Research Council (See also: Francis Crick series (SB/11)).


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Collection SB: Sydney Brenner Collection (1927-2010)
Series SB/2: Writings (1947-2010)