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  • Tags: Muller, H. J. (Hermann Joseph), 1890-1967
Photograph in B&W of Hermann J. Muller in a suit standing on the deck of the Eiffel Tower and holding his hat on his head. The photograph was taken during his 1922 trip to Europe.
Photograph of H.J. Muller standing on a snow covered path with mountains behind him. Taken during H.J. Muller's trip to Germany in 1932.
Photograph of a room of about 17 ship passengers (among them is H.J. Muller) with raised glasses and wearing caps during a beer drinking contest on board a ship sailing to Europe.
Photograph taken at Erwin Baur's farm near Berlin of 8 people with handwritten identification of front "Prof. Baur's son, Mrs. Baur, Prof. Nachtsheim, Prof. Goldschmidt, Prof. Baur, Dr. von Stein, Dr. H[...], Prof. Altenberg" and with handwritten…
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