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Evolution by Mutation John Willard Gibbs Lecture, 1958 [partially handwritten, partially carbon copy of typed manuscript thrown out by Hermann J. Muller but salvaged by Elof Carlson]. Includes handwritten notes in carbon copy as well as handwritten…
The call of biology. A.I.B.S. Bulletin, 3:4, 1953. Copy with handwritten notes.
Handwritten notes for "Man's place in living nature," 1956. Address delivered at the dedication of Jordan Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington (Revised as: Man and gene in the world picture). I.U. Publications, 15pp.; The Humanist, 17:3-13,…
Handwritten sketch for review article on radiation effects by Hermann J. Muller, c.1949.
Typed talk to the Drosophila group of the Institute on Mutation Technique with handwritten corrections, 1939.
Typed list of materials to be brought to the Russian Institute of Genetics by H.J. Muller and C.A. Offermann with handwritten notes and additions, c.1932.
Handwritten outline in pencil by Hermann J. Muller for a monograph containing the pioneer investigations of chromosomes and analysis of linkage, c.1928.
This picture was taken by Helen Muller (daughter of Hermann and Thea) at about 4:30 pm on Aug 23, 1963 near Elk Lake in the Adirondack Mountatins in upper New York State. It shows Hermann (Joe) meeting Thea just after his descent from Boreas…
B&W photograph of a portion of an exhibit featuring Hermann J. Muller, put together at UCLA by Elof Carlson.
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