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Handwritten research plans and notes on current progress by Hermann J. Muller
Draft of "On the calculation of number of loci separately producing a given recessive phenotype" with handwritten corrections by Hermann J. Muller, c.1940
Handwritten manuscript of "Evolution in the light of the modern mutation theory" by Hermann J. Muller.
Handwritten abstract of "The engima of the gene and of its mutation" by Hermann J. Muller, c.1927.
The Effect of a Long Established Duplication on the Frequency of Detectable Mutation typed original drafts, and copies of article written in the USSR with handwritten corrections and chromosome maps by Hermann J. Muller
Original drawings of chromosomes labeled "fig. 8 sc 9" and handwritten notes on the "Arrangement of loci in normal X-chromosome and in that containg scute-8 inversion" by Herman J. Muller
Handwritten postcard in German from Raisa Berg to Hermann J. Muller
Typed copy of "The Cytogenetic Resolution of the Ultra-Fine Structure of a Restricted Portion of a Drosophila Chromosome" by H.J. Muller and A.N. Prokovyeva with handwritten corrections by H.J. Muller
Handwritten sketch and manuscript by Hermann J. Muller for an International Humanist meeting. "Darwin's achievement," 1958.
Handwritten manuscrit of "Radiation in medicine" by Hermann J. Muller.
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