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Handwritten ideas by Hermann J. Muller of questions to ask Elof Carlson for his PhD Oral Exam at Indiana University, March 15, 1957.
Carbon copy with Elof Carlson's handwritten notes. Midterm Exam for Zoology Z575, a course taught by Hermann J. Muller at Indiana University. Exam dated March 20, 1957.
The Hot Polar Bears* / Fallout ash in the North left a bear / With a few sperm alive and to spare, / But when he met a she / And they made number three / The cub froze-- 'twas deficient for hair. / *Study made under the auspices of the International…
Said a man who is known as Lamarck, / Of giraffes eating leaves in a Park: / 'One thing is true / Of our friends in the zoo, / When the leaves are all gone they'll eat bark.'
I used to read my magazine / 'Til it was sprayed with Triazine. / LITERATURE CITED / 1. Bird / 2. Herskowitz and Schalet / 3. Rapaport / 4. Schalet
Haldane's Organic Soup, "Hid within a Primeval Tureen / (Though denied by the knave Oparin) / There arose DNA / Or a unit, let's say, / That Muller maintains was THE GENE. / Thus 'twas out of a chemical ooze / Nature fashioned this unit to use. / Was…
A fossil was found in Samoa, / Of a species entountered no mo-a, / Possessed of a form / That was far above norm / But constructed so no man could know her.* / *The authors gratefully acknowledge that this study was made with the aid of a boost from…
On the second floor of Jordan Hall / Muller and Sonneborn have a ball. / Nucleus and Cytoplasm are a seller / With all that dough from Rockefeller!* / *No connection with any existing organization is implied.
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