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Contains over 380,000 online documents from Nobel laureates' James D. Watson's and Sydney Brenner's personal collections. These collections consist of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, laboratory notebooks, administrative records, teaching files & memorabilia.

The repository and metadata were created in part, through a two-year grant funded collaboration with the Wellcome Library's Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics digitization project.

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The Collections

Sydney Brenner

The Sydney Brenner Collection consists of over 300 manuscript boxes of materials documenting the life and career of Dr. Sydney Brenner, co-recipient…

James D. Watson

The James D. Watson Collection consists of over 500 manuscript boxes of materials documenting the life and career of James D. Watson, co-recipient of…


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Letter from Guido Pontecorvo to James D. Watson

Regarding controversy over The Double Helix manuscript

40th Anniversary of Double Helix, Paris

April 1993. Photographs of Alexander Rich, Francis Crick, James D. Watson, Leslie Orgel (RNA Tie Club);

Carnarvon Castle Ship Proclamation

Proclamation allowing Sydney Brenner to travel from South Africa.

Greeting card from the Beadle family

Greeting card from the Beadle family: Greeting card sent from Nobel Prize winning geneticist George Wells Beadle to Watson.