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Said a man who is known as Lamarck, / Of giraffes eating leaves in a Park: / 'One thing is true / Of our friends in the zoo, / When the leaves are all gone they'll eat bark.'
I used to read my magazine / 'Til it was sprayed with Triazine. / LITERATURE CITED / 1. Bird / 2. Herskowitz and Schalet / 3. Rapaport / 4. Schalet
A saurian far from herois / Wanted life to be flusher, less stoic. / 'My problem I'll solve, / To a mammal evolve, / And forsake this inane Mesozoic.'
Haldane's Organic Soup, "Hid within a Primeval Tureen / (Though denied by the knave Oparin) / There arose DNA / Or a unit, let's say, / That Muller maintains was THE GENE. / Thus 'twas out of a chemical ooze / Nature fashioned this unit to use. / Was…
For a monk Gregor Mendel was odd, / Quitting cloisters to work with the sod. / Thus no treatise on ethics / But the laws of genetics / Were told off by the peas from his pod.
There once was a fruit-fly named Joan, / Whose affair with a brash Protozoan / Gave results aggrevating / When, soon after the mating, / All her offsrping flew off as a clone.
A fossil was found in Samoa, / Of a species entountered no mo-a, / Possessed of a form / That was far above norm / But constructed so no man could know her.* / *The authors gratefully acknowledge that this study was made with the aid of a boost from…
On the second floor of Jordan Hall / Muller and Sonneborn have a ball. / Nucleus and Cytoplasm are a seller / With all that dough from Rockefeller!* / *No connection with any existing organization is implied.
Handwritten notes by Hermann J. Muller for a testimonial in honor of J.H. MacGregor.
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