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(See also: Institutional Correspondence (SB/1/2) and Personal Papers - Awards (SB/5/1)) Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_05_01_0030/SB_05_01_0030_001.jpg
(Includes photographs) (See also: Institutional Correspondence: Travel (King Faisal International Science Prize for Science, Saudi Arabia) (SB/1/2) and Lectures (SB/3)) Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_05_01_0031/SB_05_01_0031_001.jpg
(See also: Institutional Correspondence: Inamori Foundation (SB/1/2), Writings - Brenner (SB/2/1), Lectures (SB/3), and Ephemera (SB/10)) Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_05_01_0032/SB_05_01_0032_001.jpg
Congratulatory letters to Sydney Brenner for being awarded the Kyoto Prize. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_04_01_0364/SB_04_01_0364_001.jpg
(See also: Lectures (SB/3) and Personal Papers - Awards (SB/5/1))
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