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  • Relation contains "Series JDW/1/13: Public Appearances (1970-2009)" Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0026/JDW_01_13_0026_001.jpg
James D. Watson and Stony Brook University President Shirley Strum Kenny with unidentified others. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0025/JDW_01_13_0025_001.jpg
James D. Watson at the Genome Action Coalition Meeting, Washington D.C.. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0024/JDW_01_13_0024_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson and Elizabeth L. Watson at the 2nd Annual Watson Lecture and Awards, Genome Action Coalition. Photographs by The Photographers. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0023/JDW_01_13_0023_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson at the Opening Ceremony of Hexagen Research Laboratories. Photographs include plaque dedicated to the opening day featuring Watson's name; Watson and executives of Hexagen; and Watson speaking. Photographs by Mason's… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0022/JDW_01_13_0022_001.jpg
NY Sen. Joseph L. Bruno and James D. Watson. Watson and Thomas Gulotta photograph has handwritten dedication to Watson on recto. Photographs were taken at the "1 in 9" the Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition Annual Dinner Dance, Sewane Club,… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0021/JDW_01_13_0021_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson speaking at the Golf Tournament and Rick Clark and Watson at the Golf Tournament. Photograph by Marlena Emmons. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0020/JDW_01_13_0020_001.jpg
Inauguration certificate with photograph and signatures of James D. Watson, Max Perutz, and others. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0019/JDW_01_13_0019_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson from the International Science Foundation, Ukraine Trip Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0018/JDW_01_13_0018_001.jpg
Photograph of James D. Watson with students from the Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire, England. Also includes a letter. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_13_0017/JDW_01_13_0017_001.jpg
Photograph of Thomas Sutherland and James D. Watson
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