Browse Items (174 total) Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0041/SB_08_03_0041_001.jpg
Sydney Brenner, James Watson and Francois Jacob. Also includes letter from Salvador Luria to Sydney Brenner regarding the photograph. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0020/SB_08_03_0020_001.jpg
Fancois Jacob, Max Birnsteil, and Sydney Brenner standing outside at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_03_0005/SB_08_03_0005_001.jpg
May Brenner with Jonathan, Stefan, Belinda and Carla. [Handwritten description on verso by May Brenner:] May and the children. The drive in front of 7 Long Road. Cambridge. July 1962. We were just setting off for our holiday and probably felt as… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 06/SB_08_01_0002/SB_08_01_0002_001.jpg
"With friends in Pasadena in 1960 at the time of the messenger experiments. Includes F. Jacob, M. Delbruck, M. Meselson, and A. Lwoff"
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