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  • Relation contains "Series JDW/1/14: Special Events (1957-2010)" Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0059/JDW_01_14_0059_001.jpg
Photograph of James D. Watson with New York State Politicians. Photographfeatures a handwritten message to Watson written on the recto [signature is illegibile]. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0058/JDW_01_14_0058_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson, Elizabeth L. Watson, Mrs. John Glenn, John Glenn, Martha Stewart, Charles Simonyi, and unidentified others at Frostmann & Little Co. Event in Aspen, CO. Photographs by Alice Koelle. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0057/JDW_01_14_0057_001.jpg
Photographs of Alan Alda's interview with James D. Watson for Scientific American Frontiers "The Gene Hunters." Photographs were taken at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the DNA Learning Center. Also includes contact sheets. Photographs by Miriam… Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0056/JDW_01_14_0056_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson at the Independence Day Ceremony being presented a Philadpelphia Liberty Medal. Also includes photographs of Elizabeth L. Watson, the Mayor of Philadelphia, and unidentified others. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0055/JDW_01_14_0055_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson, Norton Zinder, and the audience at the White House announcement of Human DNA Sequence. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0054/JDW_01_14_0054_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson dressed in regalia with other members of the University College, London. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0053/JDW_01_14_0053_001.jpg
Photograph from the Foundation for Long Island State Parks Dinner Dance: Senator Chuck Schumer, James D. Watson, and Park Commissioner Bernadette Castro Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0052/JDW_01_14_0052_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson dressed in regalia being awarded an honorary degree and speaking at Stony Brook University. Photographs by Stony Brook University. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0051/JDW_01_14_0051_001.jpg
Photograph of James D. Watson and Dr. Joseph E. Murray standing at the podium at the American Academy of Achievement. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_14_0050/JDW_01_14_0050_001.jpg
Photographs of James D. Watson at the United States National Institutes of Health with Al Gore, Kay Jamison, and Francis Collins. Photographs by Robert L. Knudsen.
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