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Handwritten picture postcard from H.J. Muller, N. Timofeeff-Ressovsky, and Dorrthee to David.
Original drawings of chromosomes labeled "fig. 8 sc 9" and handwritten notes on the "Arrangement of loci in normal X-chromosome and in that containg scute-8 inversion" by Herman J. Muller
Evolution by Mutation John Willard Gibbs Lecture, 1958 [partially handwritten, partially carbon copy of typed manuscript thrown out by Hermann J. Muller but salvaged by Elof Carlson]. Includes handwritten notes in carbon copy as well as handwritten…
Handwritten manuscript of "Evolution in the light of the modern mutation theory" by Hermann J. Muller.
Form letter from H.J. Muller to Elof Carlson with photocopied signature but typed introductory salutation "Elof:" regarding the teaching of evolution in schools.
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