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  • Relation contains "Series JDW/1/8: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (1955-2008)" Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0083/JDW_01_08_0083_001.jpg
Includes Watson, Bruce Stillman, and William Miller (Chairman of the CSHL Board of Trustees). Photographs by Margot Bennett. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0082/JDW_01_08_0082_001.jpg
Midori, Emanuel Ax, and Yo-Yo Ma performing at CSHL. Includes Watson and Charles Dolan. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0081/JDW_01_08_0081_001.jpg
Midori, Emanuel Ax, and Yo-Yo Ma performing at CSHL. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0080/JDW_01_08_0080_001.jpg
James D. Watson, Elizabeth L. Watson, Pat Beckman, and Arnold Beckman at a CSHL Board of Trustees luncheon. Photographs by Miriam Chua. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0079/JDW_01_08_0079_001.jpg
Photographs by Art Bring and James D. Watson. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0078/JDW_01_08_0078_001.jpg
Includes Watson, Wendy Russel, Robert Garland, and Bruce Stillman. Photographs by Marlena Emmons. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0077/JDW_01_08_0077_001.jpg
Watson at a tennis court with U.S. Senator Ted Steven (Alaska). Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0076/JDW_01_08_0076_001.jpg
David L. Luke III and Watson at a CSHL Board of Trustees dinner. Depository/Wellcome Delivery 04/JDW_01_08_0074/JDW_01_08_0074_001.jpg
Bruce Stillman and Watson at the Richards Bulding dedication. Photograph by Margot Bennett.
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