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Brenner Family 2000s

Brenner, Sydney
May Brenner, Sydney Brenner, woman and man [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] May 2002, old Jafa[?]; Sydney Brenner, May Brenner and woman standing alongside body of water on rocks; May Brenner seated a table in front of a large window, reading [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] 'big' window - bedroom - + [and] the antique lilac tree; Sydney Brenner standing on brick driveway with cane; May Brenenr and Sydney Brenner standing outside in the grass; Dog and a woman [handwritten on verso of photograph:] Belinda & Friend. Dorset. July 03; Sydney Brenner standing infront of an exhibition[?] [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] La Jolla. So. Cal. January 04; May Brenner standing in a room looking at a bouquet of flowers [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Doorway, dining room/ conservatory. Flowers from one of my 6 ladies 6 May 04; May Brenner standing on patio with flowers and gardens surrounding her [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] myself + new yucca May 04; Portrait of Sydney Brenner hanging overa fireplace [Handwritten on verso of photograph: my study. photography by Jane Bown. Lilies from Janetta and fireplace bouquet from your brother (8 May 04). Headless angels are prizes; Courtyard/ patio with yucca plant and lilac tree [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] The Lilac Tree June 04; Maddie and Sydney Brenner [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Maddie + Sydney July 04; May Brenner and two grandsons [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Ted, Granny - home from hospital, Luke 16 12 04 ELY; Sydney Brenner, grandson, and Tom [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Tom, Ted, Syd Jan 05 ELY; Grandson and horse [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Luke + a horse...picture taken by ted ELY April 05; Garden photograph [Handwrittein on verso of photograph:] April Garden. ELY '05, not new arm rails; Luke and Ted sitting on metal fence [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] April 05 River Duse at ELY Luke and Ted take Grandma for a long river walk; May Brenner and Stefan [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] Stefan+ self a hot day - after lunch - June in the gardens '05; Sydney Brenner; Sydney Brenner standing infront of a bush; Man seated on a bench with a single lane road infront of him and cathedral in the distance [Handwritten on verso of photograph:] ELY. Cathedral; May Brenner seated on stone wall infront of ocean; May Brenner in the garden; May Brenner in the coutyard at ELY.
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