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Lectures, Speeches, Interviews

The Lectures, Speeches, Interviews series primarily consists of material related to the many lectures, speeches, talks, and panel discussions which Watson has participated in throughout his career. Additionally, the series contains a smaller number of interviews conducted with Watson, most of which were published in popular periodicals. The series is divided into four subseries: Lectures (1953-2012), Interviews (1970-2011), Requests (1968-2003), and Presentation Files (1999-2010).

For additional interviews please see: Institutional Records: Office of Public Affairs (JDW/3/11).

For additional lectures on the Human Genome Project please see: Personal Papers: Human Genome Project (JDW/2/9).

For additional framed and oversized posters advertising Watson



“Lectures, Speeches, Interviews,” CSHL Archives Repository, Reference JDW/2/8, accessed October 20, 2021, http://libgallery.cshl.edu/items/show/29387.